Update for Foundations of the Bible vol. 3

The most frequently asked question I get is if I am releasing a volume 3 Bible study to pair with the Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Bible memory work. The short answer is yes, but I thought sharing more details and ways you can help support would be helpful!

What is volume 3 about?

This 24 lesson study covers all 66 books of the Bible + a deeper dive into the Gospels — Revelation.

The first 12 lessons focus on the structure of the Bible, the seven subdivisions, and an overview of all 66 books individually.

The second half dives deeper into the gospels, the lives of the 12 disciples, Paul's life, an overview of Revelation and the main views held by Christians, and so much more!

This volume pairs with Classical Conversations cycle 3 optional Bible memory work. I will be creating songs like last time to help you memorize the memory work.

If you are not in Classical Conversations, you can still absolutely use this study! It is for any family who wants to understand the history and context of the Bible in a deeper way.

When will it be available to order?

Pre-orders will open June 5th-June 30th for hard copy books. The digital download files will be ready by July 15th. The plan is to begin shipping by late July, so you have these in time for the August school year.

You'll need to order the hard copy books in the pre-order window to guarantee a physical copy for the school year. The volume will be high, so pre-orders will be priority for inventory. Since I am a small shop, the pre-orders will help me purchase the inventory in advance for you all.

How can you support?
Here are 3 simple ways...

1. Pray! Pray for wisdom, guidance, and the ability to finish this study on time (or early)! I want to make sure God's Word is being shared truthfully and accurately.

2. Share about this resource with your CC Communities, so they can plan ahead.

3. Shop during the pre-order. As a small shop, I need pre-orders to be able to buy a large quantity of inventory at once. Your pre-orders allow me to see the demand and make sure I order enough books for you all.


I hope you are as excited for the study as I am. I am so grateful for your support as I work hard to get this study completed for us all! You can sign up for my emails to make sure you don't miss the launch!