Holy Week Calendar
Holy Week Calendar
Holy Week Calendar

Holy Week Calendar

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This chart shows two possible scenarios when trying to understand if Jesus was crucified on a Thursday or Friday of Holy Week. This isn't meant to spark a debate, but just to show how we can study scripture in-depth and ask questions to learn further. I hope this is a helpful starting point for you to dive deeper in scripture.

I've included a blank version as well so you can use it for your own personal study time by writing down your findings from the scriptures.

Let me preface - I am not claiming to have this all figured out. I am totally comfortable settling in an "I don't know" phase with some parts of Holy Week. Things are harder to understand when we aren't living in the culture or immersed in the original language. ⁠

But one thing we can all be confident in: Jesus died and victoriously resurrected. He fulfilled the Passover sacrifice as the Lamb of God and bore our sins on His body. We have the ability to be in God's presence because Jesus took our judgment. ⁠

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