Classical Conversations Cycle 3: Week 15 Recap


In this recap, I am going to share what we did at home for more hands-on learning related to Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 15: Bible, History, Geography, and Science memory work. I will also link our favorite picture books and share my tutor board.

Let's dive right into what we did for Week 15! 

Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol.3  |  Bible Memory Songs  |  Hymnology Cards

We finished learning about the 12 disciples this week. My favorite part was learning how to apply their life lessons to our lives. Your excitement over the disciples lessons has been so encouraging!

One of my favorite disciples to learn about was Andrew. Here's the life lesson written about him in the study. 

We don't need to reach thousands to be effective for the kingdom of God. Like Andrew, we should focus on serving Christ and reaching the individuals around us. Let God use you as He wills, and be ready to be obedient in whatever area Christ calls you.

Note: This study pairs with each week of the CC optional Bible memory work, but you can go at your own pace because there is SO much to learn. You can also jump in at any time — it’s not too late. Anyone can do this study, not just CC families. Learn more about the Foundations collection here.

Resource: Story of the World Book (Match Up List) | Story of the World Series | Real Cool History for Kids Podcast
Activity: Ellis Island Interview

We read lots of picture books related to immigration in America. For an activity, I gave the kids 5 minutes to gather 5 items they would take with them on their journey to a new country. The ship was leaving in 5 minutes, so they had to hurry. Once they brought me their items, I had them do an Ellis Island Interview to see where they were heading to in America. They LOVED this! 

We also listened to Episode 44 American Children of the early 1900s

Resources: Learning with Friends Year 3 Bundle |  CC Connected Sandbox File
Activity: Coloring Page from CC Sandbox file, make an atom (see week 13)

We colored the parts of an atom and utilized the worksheets in the CC Sandbox file. Those were super helpful with explaining quarks and leptons. We’ve been focusing on atoms for 3 weeks now — even my 2-year-old knows what an atom is haha.

We used the Learning With Friends science unit for our activity and we memorized the sentence to the Addams Family tune (song on my YouTube channel). We referenced the atom that we made from week 13 science. If you haven't made an atom, I recommend doing that as a visual. Very helpful!

Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page |  Drawing the USA Natural Wonders  

Each week, we do geography by coloring it on a map and doing the show me/tell me method. I also ordered the Draw the USA (Natural Wonders) book to help draw the mountains and lakes within the states. 

We sang about the five Great Lakes to London Bridge. I loved the helpful acronym of HOMES to help the kids memorize the lakes.

Library Books:

Here are some books we enjoyed this week:

Tutoring: How to Make Tutor Board

Here's a look at my week 15 tutor board. 


I really loved painting flowers for Georgia O'Keeffe. Our community brought in real bouquets of flowers for the kids to draw and paint. Most of the kids in my class loved the freedom of choosing a flower and free drawing it themselves. A few kids wanted a guided tutorial, so on the spot, I drew Georgia's poppy drawing. Turned out pretty good with no prior practice. These are fun things to also do at home with your kids for more practice. 

YouTube: Week 15 Playlist

I created my first YouTube channel to record all the songs and hand motions I want to use with the kids. I've compiled each subject's songs into a weekly playlist. I create this primarily to help the parents in my class review the motions with their kids at home. I also think this is a great resource for other tutors to use to build their plans for the week. 

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