Classical Conversations Cycle 3: Week 16 Recap


In this recap, I am going to share what we did at home for more hands-on learning related to Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 16: Bible, History, Geography, and Science memory work. I will also link our favorite picture books and share my tutor board.

Let's dive right into what we did for Week 16! 

Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol.3  |  Bible Memory Songs  |  Hymnology Cards

For week 16, we learned more about who Judas Iscariot was and why he betrayed Jesus. This lesson led to many great discussions, specifically what it means to be a child of God.  

Ps. I took my kids' activity books to Staples to get the spines cut off and spiral bound. This has made it so much easier for them to work in and it cost $5 for each study. I am also switching the books to be spiral bound for future :) 

Note: This study pairs with each week of the CC optional Bible memory work, but you can go at your own pace because there is SO much to learn. You can also jump in at any time — it’s not too late. Anyone can do this study, not just CC families. Learn more about the Foundations collection here.


Resource: Story of the World Book (Match Up List) | Story of the World Series | Real Cool History for Kids Podcast
Activity: Draw a map of where the Lusitania sank | Map for World War 1

We read several interesting articles about the Lusitania (linked below) as well as lots of picture books in the library recap below. I also found it interesting to learn about the sinking of the Titanic because it only occurred 3 years prior in 1912 under completely different circumstances. However, both were RMS ships (Royal Mail Ship). The Titanic sank in 2 hours while the Lusitania was less than 20 minutes. If you'd like to listen to a podcast about the Titanic just for fun, Real Cool History for Kids episode #57 shares the story.

Articles to checkout:

To help with our understanding of the sinking of the Lusitania, we drew a map to show where it took place (off the coast of Ireland). 

We also listened to Episode #72 of Real Cool History for Kids: Early 1900s - WW1, The story of the beginning of World War 1.


Resources: Learning with Friends Year 3 Bundle |  CC Connected Sandbox File
Activity: My Colorful Chemistry Notebook Activities on CC Connected | Element Flash Cards

Now that we are learning about specific elements in the periodic table, we had fun doing an experiment for each one. We created hydrogen gas with a 9-volt battery and salt water. We played with helium balloons and tried to get them to “flink” (hovering between floating and sinking). Then, we made gems with salt rock for beryllium. If you try to make the rock crystals, I do not recommend using glue like the instructions say (or at least not dollar store glue lol). It took the color right off the rock salt. Instead, we did half the batch with Mod Podge and it worked! 

These ideas came from the Learning with Friends science unit and the CC Colorful Chemistry PDF.

TIP: To find the "My Colorful Chemistry Notebook," log in to CC Connected. Then, tap on "Learning Center" >> then Scribblers tab at the top >> then select week 1 >> and a bunch of files will show and select the My Colorful Chemistry Notebook. 

Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page |  Drawing the USA Natural Wonders  

I purchased the Draw the Natural Wonders of the USA book to help with geography. They offer this free map you can download to help you draw the natural wonders. Select the file that says Draw the Natural Wonders of the USA. We will begin using that to fill in the mountains, bays, and rivers we are learning about this quarter. 


Library Books:

Here are some books we enjoyed this week:

Tutoring: How to Make Tutor Board

I had a friend substitute for me this week, and she did an amazing job on the tutor board. I wanted to share with you all for inspiration!


Fine Arts:

Since we didn’t go to our community this week, I still wanted to do fine arts with the kids because it’s so fun. I'm loving the great artist studies this quarter! We read picture books about Norman Rockwell and then we drew our favorite memory for the cover of the magazine he was famous for. I drew a picture of my husband and I skating at the ice rink in Central Park. This was the moment right before we got engaged in December 2011. 


YouTube: Week 16 Playlist

I created my first YouTube channel to record all the songs and hand motions I want to use with the kids. I've compiled each subject's songs into a weekly playlist. I create this primarily to help the parents in my class review the motions with their kids at home. I also think this is a great resource for other tutors to use to build their plans for the week. 

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