Classical Conversations Cycle 3: Week 22 Recap

Classical Conversations Cycle 3: Week 22 Recap

In this recap, I am going to share what we did at home for more hands-on learning related to Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 22: Bible, History, Geography, and Science memory work. I will also link our favorite picture books, my tutor plans, and a preview of my week 23 plans.

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Resources: Foundations of the Bible vol.3  |  Bible Memory Songs  |  Hymnology Cards

For week 22, we learned about the book of Revelation and the four main views held by Christians. It’s definitely a meatier topic, but it brought up a lot of great discussion about heaven. We read the entire lesson over 4 days and then read a picture book about heaven.

Note: This study pairs with each week of the CC optional Bible memory work, but you can go at your own pace because there is SO much to learn. You can also jump in at any time — it’s not too late. Anyone can do this study, not just CC families. Learn more about the Foundations collection here.


Resources: Story of the World Book (Match Up List) | Story of the World Series | Real Cool History for Kids Podcast
Activity: Interview their parents  | Draw Narration Journal | Draw a Firefighter

This week's focus was September 11, 2001. I had the kids interview my husband and I like we did for the previous week. We shared where we were when we saw it happen and how we felt. We read three awesome picture books, and the kids drew a picture and narrated what they learned.



Resources: Learning with Friends Year 3 Bundle |  CC Connected Sandbox File
Activity: Create the water cycle with the CC Sandbox activity | Do a nature walk and find things that show God's intelligent design

This week, we learned about the theory of intelligent design. We did the shaving cream cloud activity found in the sandbox file. We discussed how God created everything on purpose and for a purpose. He is an intentional Creator. We also read two devotions from the Indescribable science devotional book.



Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page |  Drawing the USA Natural Wonders  
Activity: Color Desert Map (Created by Emily Card on Tutor FB Group) | Locals in Southern California: Drive to Joshua Tree (Mojave Desert)

We learned about the deserts in the USA this week. Living in Southern California, we are right on the border of the Mojave Desert, so we drove there to visit family. We even drove over the Colorado River on our way. I love it when you can see the related geography in person.



Here are some books related to the weekly memory work. 



    How to Make a Tutor Board  

    I had to have a substitute for my class this week and she did an amazing job on the tutor board!




    Here were the plans I made for my class of 8-9 year olds. 

    Math: Taped the letters and symbols for the commutative law to magnetic tiles. I colored coded the a's the same color, the b's the same color, etc. We also said a simple chant to help memorize it.

    English: Sang the sentence to the tune BINGO. 

    History: Taught the song and hand motions, and then read the sentence with silly words. I try to make the silly words be the same syllables as the word I am replacing so it sounds similar. I throw a few funny ones in there too. 

    Science: We sang the memory work to Three Blind Mice. They could crawl, then kneel, then walk, and then run around the room while singing it. This could represent the stages of a person growing from infancy to adulthood. 

    Latin: Taught the kids hand motions and played musical chairs to the Kings Thing song. I have 2 less chairs than there are kids so 2 kids get out each time (makes the game go faster). The first and second place winners get to go first for presentation.

    Geography: I printed out these maps and had the kids color them in (made by Emily Card on CC Tutor Facebook). 

    Timeline: Our community enjoys doing the hand motions, so I read the new sentences and then taught all the hand motions. Then we sing and do it all together. 

    Hands-on Science: I made these blueberry pancake worksheets to help the kids do the task. Put the papers in a clear protector so the kids can draw their blueberries with an erasable marker. First do the demonstration yourself by rolling the die 15x. Then, divide the kids into pairs so they can roll the die 30x for their results. 


    Week 22 Playlist

    I created my first YouTube channel to record all the songs and hand motions I want to use with the kids. I've compiled each subject's songs into a weekly playlist. I create this primarily to help the parents in my class review the motions with their kids at home. I also think this is a great resource for other tutors to use to build their plans for the week. 





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    My Plans for Week 23 Activities

    Here is what I plan on doing for next week's activities. 


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