Bible Storybooks for Kids

I enjoy Bible story books, especially for younger kids. I use these for casual reading or as bedtime stories. They are great for keeping your little one's attention, especially since they have colored illustrations. Some have discussion questions at the end, which are great for further conversations with your kids and checking for comprehension.

I will preface, I don’t use these for my main Bible study teaching. I use the actual Bible for that starting at about age 5. Mainly because the storybooks are someone’s interpretation of the Bible and not actual scripture. They are more of a commentary and simplified versions of stories in the Bible.

However, with all that said, I still use them because they are great for introducing your kids to important Bible stories or even as a refresher of a story they once learned. They are also a great first step for little kids just learning about God and the Bible.

They usually have the Bible chapters referenced for each story, which I highly recommend reading if you have older kids to add scriptural context to the story you are reading. Older meaning like 5+ years. 

But if you are just getting started with a 2 or 3 year old, or your child's attention span is super short, then I would consider checking some of these out to get started learning about the Bible.

Here are my top 3 favorites of the books pictured:

1. The Promises of God Storybook Bible- this was the first one I ever purchased and really enjoyed it. I especially love the discussion questions at the end of each story to help with comprehension.

2. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible- This is the thickest and most comprehensive out of all the story books I own. This is a great option for trying to understand the full Bible for younger kids, or even a simple refresher for us adults.

3. Children's Bible Stories for Bedtime- This one is new and was actually gifted to me recently, and it’s been great! We are currently reading this at bedtime (over halfway through it) and my family is really enjoying it. The kids love it and request it every night. It has discussion questions / application at the end as well as a bedtime prayer. My kids love repeating the prayer every night. It’s a newer release, but I recommend it.

Remember, none of these replace the actual Bible. Use these as a casual read as a first step into reading the Bible. 

Here is a link to each of the books recommended:

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