Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 10 Recap

Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 10 Recap

We had a busy, fun week for week 10! 

I thought I'd share this recap in order of our loop schedule. We have our core subjects we do each day (Bible, math, LA, handwriting, reading) and then we have the extra subjects (history, geography, and science) that we dedicate one specific day to. This helps us dive deeper into those subjects and not feel rushed. 

Here we go...

Monday: CC Intro + Geography
Resource: CC songs, CC Sandbox, Animals in Time

We review all the CC week 10 songs on repeat while I make breakfast. I just play the songs from my phone on our bluetooth speaker while I get things ready. I like the kids to become somewhat familiar with some of the new sentences before I read from Animals in Time. Once I read the story from Animals in Time, I like them to call out "memory work" if they hear something in the story. This helps them pay attention, too. 

We review geography with the Animals in Time workbook and the geography page from SandraHomemaker in the CC Sandbox files. I really like her geography pages the best.  


Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol. 2

Every day we read from our Bible study guide. I love focusing on one topic each week so the kids have time to really absorb the information. This week we learned about 6 of the 18 key prophets. The kids were REALLY into this memory work this week. I thought it would take me a couple days to get through the teacher guide, but I basically read it all in one sitting because they were so into it. 

With our Bible time, I've been trying to take my time. If the kids are into it, I'm just letting it go however long it can, even if it means we are going to start school time a little late. I love when they are excited to learn the Bible, so I never want to rush it. The study this week had us spending 30-45 min over breakfast talking, watching videos, and reading stories. It was great!


Tuesday: History
Resource: Story of the World, Book 3 (Ch. 17)
Videos: History of Russia |  Draw Russian Buildings · Art Projects for Kids |  How To Draw A Russian Nesting Doll - YouTube

We read chapter 17 of Story of the World, which discussed Peter the Great. The kids made a fort while I read out loud. We watched a video on Peter the Great and then my oldest drew something he learned in his narration journal. I like for him to draw something and write two sentences. I shared links to some drawing videos I planned on trying. However, we didn't get around to it, but I wanted to include them for you and for myself for next time through the cycle. 

Wednesday: Science
Resource: CC Sandbox craft

We learned about the planets in the solar system and tried the craft suggested in the sandbox file. All you need is a sheet protector, the printout, glue, dish soap, and food coloring. The kids painted the planets with the glue and then after 8-10 hrs. they became window stickers. 

*Tips: Make sure your paint is thick on the sheet protector. You want your colors to be touching so they blend to one sticker per planet. Paint on the table and not taped to a window or else the paint will just drip down, and you won't be able to make it thick. I went over my kids' paintings once they were done to add an extra layer. 


Thursday: Community Day

For community day, all the families brought things to pack Operation Christmas Child boxes. I love that we have moms who help organize these activities and different ways of serving others. We got out of class 30 minutes early so we could all pack the boxes together. The kids loved showing each other what they brought for their little boy or girl. It was very sweet!

Friday: Baking Day

We do CC review and Bible on Fridays and then bake something. We usually do our core subjects (math, reading, LA) as well, but this Friday we decided to decorate for Christmas instead. Friday baking is a set day the kids know we will be in the kitchen. I really do this as "school" for myself because I want to grow in my baking skills and confidence in the kitchen. My daughter also loves to bake so it's her school time for 4 years old. It's just a fun way to end the week!

After 8 failed attempts, I finally have a sourdough starter that is working. I got a starter kit from a woman named Sarah with Home on Magnolia Hill. She has been so awesome and helpful, and literally coaching me through the whole process. I can't wait to perfect my sourdough bread! Here is her starter kit if you are interested.