Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 13 Recap

We started the second half of CC this week and it went really well. We unfortunately missed our community day due to colds, but we still learned a ton with the activities I'll share from our week. Hope you have a great first week back as well!

Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol.2 

We learned about the Jewish captivity in week 13 of the Foundations of the Bible vol 2 study guide. These are important events to understand because it deals with God's judgment on the nation of Israel after breaking His Laws for many, many years. The Assyrians exiled the people of Israel in 722 BC and the Babylonians exiled the people from Judah in 586 BC. God allowed this to happen as a judgment and curse per Deuteronomy 28. That chapter outlines the blessings and curses Israel would receive depending on if they obeyed God's laws or not. I really enjoy diving deeper into the history of the Bible with my kids. We are all learning so much!

Resource: Story of the World Book 3 - Chapter 27
Activities:  Weaving Loom How To Video  |  Cotton Gin Diagram

For history we learned about the Industrial Revolution. We read chapter 27 from Story of the World book 3 and watched a few videos. The crafts this week were super easy and helpful to really understand the inventions. I printed the patent for the cotton gin based on a recommendation I found online. We glued cotton balls and popcorn seeds to the diagram to show how the cotton gin removes the seeds from the cotton. This really helped visualize how the invention worked. We also made a weaving loom from cardboard and yarn. History turned out to be full of crafts, but they were simple to do on our rainy day this week. 

Resource: CC Sandbox | Science Flash Cards for CC Weeks 13-24
Activity: Cardboard Space Shuttle
Videos: Project Mercury  |  Apollo

For science we tried to watch a lot of videos on the space missions. We really enjoyed the Project Mercury video that is recommended in the link above. I found a great library book about Apollo 11 to read aloud to the kids. We also made a space craft out of cardboard with things around the house (and from the trash). 


Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page, Animals in Time activity book, LeapFrog Globe
Activity: Nordic Flag Coloring Page

We learned about the four northern European countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. I try to engage the kids with geography by learning about fun things for each specific country. I was able to find books on 3 of the 4 countries at my local library. The All Around the World series was great! They were brief but shared enough interesting facts to grab the kids' attention. They officially want to visit all the places now so they can see an ice castle, the northern lights, and experience no darkness in the summer. 

The LeapFrog globe led us down a homeschool rabbit trail when we noticed all the flags were looking the same. After researching why, we found out they are all Nordic cross flags. It originated as a symbol for Christianity that was waved on banners during war. So neat! So, we colored a Nordic flag coloring page as well. 

Lastly, we made Kringla, a traditional Christmas cookie from Norway. We bake on Fridays, so if I can incorporate a recipe from geography, I try to do that!


Library Books:

On Sunday evenings, I browse my local library's online catalog and try to find a book for each subject we are learning. I utilize their online check out which makes it MUCH easier vs. browsing in person. My library will pick out 10 books for me at a time, so I order 10 books on Sunday night, and pick them up Monday morning. This works really well for us and helps us grab books each week for what we are learning.


Books I enjoyed for week 13:

We Are The Apollo 11 Crew by Zoe Tucker 
Norway by Wil Mara
The Mighty Steam Engine by Yvonne Ng
All Around the World: Denmark by Kristine Spanier
All Around the World: Sweden by Jessica Dean


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