Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 16 Recap

Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 16 Recap

Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol.2 

We learned about the destruction of the second Jewish temple which occurred in 70 AD. The Romans destroyed the temple, and it has never been rebuilt. There isn't much scripture on the temple's destruction because it occurred after most of the New Testament books were written. However, in Matthew 24, Jesus did prophesy of the temple's destruction 40 years before it occurred. I think the most interesting thing is that both temples were destroyed on the EXACT same day  the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar. 

Resource: Story of the World Book 4 - Chapter 28

This week we learned about WWII. We didn't do an activity this week. The kids just colored a picture of Pearl Harbor while I read from the read-aloud in Story of the World. I cried as I read because the hatred and evil was just so sad. I can't even image what it must have been like during that time. We read a picture book as well that had stories from 6 survivors of the holocaust. There's also this PDF pack of war planes that you could print and use as an activity for this week or next. 


Resource: Learning with Friends Physics | Science Flash Cards for CC Weeks 13-24 
Activity: Egg/Ball Drop

We did a fun activity to see Newton's first law of motion in action. The activity is typically done with an egg, but I used a golf ball and it worked fine. This was super easy and the kids were entertained for at least 30 minutes. The video I linked is helpful to explain the why behind the experiment. 

Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page, Animals in Time activity book, LeapFrog Globe

Geography is simple by just reviewing maps and doing the show and tell method of where each country is located. We also memorized a super catchy song for geography thanks to the suggestion from our tutor. If you aren't memorizing geography with songs, I definitely encourage it. Hopefully your tutor provides a song, but if not, just browse YouTube and you will find plenty of options to help you memorize geography in a fun way. Here's the song we learned this week. 

Library Books:

Here are some books I enjoyed from the library for week 16:

Survivors of the Holocaust: true stories of six extraordinary children (Graphic Novel) by Kath Shackleton
The cat who lived with Anne Frank by David Lee Miller
Albania by Wil Mara
Greece by Kristine Spanier
Experiments with motion by Susan Heinrichs Gray
Lives of the scientists by Kathleen Krull