Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 22 Recap


Here's a recap of what we learned for week 22!

Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol.2 
Christ-Centered Easter Study |  CC Bible Songs

For week 22, we learned about Caesar Augustus, who was the emperor of Rome when Jesus was born. We dove a little deeper into who he was and what important things he did. God used Caesar Augustus' decree to fulfill prophecy by having Jesus born in Bethlehem.   


Resource: Story of the World Book 4 - Chapter 41
Activity: Coloring page from Scribblers page on CC Connected
Videos: Reagan's Speech  |  Gorbachev and Reagan's Relationship

I wasn't sure how history would go this week, but it ended up being super informative with the videos we watched. I used the CC Sandbox Scribblers coloring page and the information sheet. I'm really enjoying the ideas on the Scribblers page for little ones (mine are 5 and 7). We also read from Story of the World and the timeline flash card.

We watched President Reagan's speech at the Berlin Wall and fast forwarded to the 11 min mark to hear his famous words of telling Gorbachev to open the gates and tear down the wall. We also watched a 2-minute video showcasing Gorbachev and Reagan's relationship. It was really neat to see two powerful leaders work together.


Resource: Learning with Friends Physics | Science Flash Cards for CC Weeks 13-24 
Activity: Make Suncatchers (CC Connected ) 
Video: Magic School Bus - Rainbow

To learn about the different ways light is observed, we used the scribblers science page. They had a recommended craft to make suncatchers by melting pony beads in a cupcake tin. We made fun patterns inside our cupcake tin and then melted them on the BBQ outside to avoid melting plastic in the house. After about 20 min on the BBQ (at 350-400 degrees), the beads melted into perfect circles. The kids loved their creations and used them for their presentations at school.

We also watched a Magic School Bus episode about making rainbow colors. The last activity we did was trying to make a rainbow with a cup of water and a white piece of paper. I think it would work better on a sunny day, but I was able to make a little rainbow using the flashlight on my phone. It works best if you have a small mirror, but I didn't have one on hand.


Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page, LeapFrog Globe
Activity: Origami BoomerangAustralian Art for Kids Hub 

Had a lot of fun with geography this week! We memorized the countries to the tune of "Pop goes the weasel." Then we read some picture books about Australian animals in the outback. I also found a cute picture book of an octopus who escaped an aquarium near New Zealand.

We also drew some Australian animals from Art for Kids hub's Australian playlist. And finally, we made an origami boomerang. The video is easy to follow, but a parent will need to help because they have to be folded really clean. I made two at a time, and then the kids decorated them. The great thing is, they actually work! Getting the boomerang to return to you takes a little practice, but it will entertain the kids for a while.


End of Year Gift Ideas: 

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Library Books:

Here are some of the books we enjoyed from the library for week 22. Remember to check CC Connected Sandbox file for book recommendations, as well as the Cycle 2 booklist from Half a Hundred Acre Wood.

The Wall by Peter Sis

 The wall : growing up behind the Iron Curtain

 But and for, yet and nor by Brian Cleary

But and for, yet and nor : what is a conjunction?

House by the Lake by Thomas Harding

 The house by the lake : the true story of a house, its history, and the four families who made it home

All Around the World: Australia by Jessica Dean


All Around the World: Indonesia by Kristine Spanier


Lights day and night by Susan Hughes

Lights day and night : the science of how light works

Inky's Amazing Escape by Sy Montgomery

Inky's amazing escape : how a very smart octopus found his way home

One day on our blue plant: in the outback by Ella Bailey

One day on our blue planet : in the Outback


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