Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 12 Recap

I can't believe we are already halfway done with cycle 2! Wow. It's awesome, but I also get sad because we love it so much, and it adds so much structure to our weeks. During our breaks we can feel a bit lost, lol. But, we continue with math, reading, and language arts. During our 6-week break we will be switching from our Foundations of the Bible study to Christ-Centered Christmas. That will help keep our Bible study rhythm during our break. 

We are also with a charter school, so I use the break from CC to focus on any social studies or science requirements we won't touch on with CC and use the break to hit those standards. 

So, here's a recap of what we did for week 12.

Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol.2 

We wrapped up the 18 key prophets of the Bible this week. I hope your kids enjoyed learning about the prophets as much as mine did. There is so much to learn about them, and I did my best to help summarize the important and interesting facts about each person. I think this study will be extremely helpful if you ever decide to go through the minor prophet books yourself. You could read these brief summaries to have a refresher of what was going on before you dive into the Bible. This study is really a tool to use for many years!

Resource: CC Sandbox | Science Flash Cards for CC Weeks 7-12
Activity: CC Sandbox edible meteorites

We opted for the simple craft in the sandbox file. It's not super "science-y," but you could also use the recipe as an opportunity to review the math for the week (tsp, tbsp, oz). When you finish making your edible meteorites, they really do look like rocks!

We actually visited a real meteor crater in Winslow, Az last Thanksgiving and it was awesome. We were on a LONG road trip to Texas and saw a billboard advertising it, so we decided to pull over and check it out. It was worth the price and time! Very well-done museum. So, if you ever pass through Winslow, Az. try to check it out!

Resource: Story of the World Book 3 - Chapter 33
Library Books: Napoleon vs. The Bunnies

This week you'll read through chapter 33. You can really just skip the first half of the chapter and jump to the section titled Waterloo. We also grabbed a cute book from the library called Napoleon vs. The Bunnies. It tells of a cute story of a time when Napoleon's bunny hunting backfired, and he ended up running away scared. At the end of the book, it shares some interesting facts about him as well.

The kids just draw a picture of something they found interesting during our read-aloud time. Of course, they chose to draw Napoleon running away from the bunnies. I also have my son write down two sentences summarizing his picture.

Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page, Animals in Time activity book, LeapFrog Globe

Same as each week prior, we read Animals in Time on day 1 (Monday) that we begin memorizing the new week's memory work. We do the activity sheets + the geography page in the CC Sandbox file. 

CC Resource Tip:
Memory Work Worksheets

I downloaded these worksheets off the CC Forum that have fill in the blanks for each memory subject. I thought they would be good for review, with a goal of filling them in by the end of each week. Good handwriting practice, too. To find them search username jcksn3mama on the forum and you'll find the cycle 2 memory worksheets :)

Hope you have a great week 12 and enjoy your holiday break with your family!