Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 15 Recap

Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 15 Recap

Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol.2 

We learned about the destruction of the first Jewish temple in 586 BC. The Babylonians conquered Jerusalem through a two-year siege attack. Those in Jerusalem who didn't die from starvation or disease, were taken into captivity to Babylon. This is an important event to understand when reading the Old Testament. If you can understand this key moment of history, then much of the Old Testament will make more sense. 

Resource: Story of the World Book 4 - Chapter 21
Activity: WWI Brodie Helmet

This week we continued focusing on WWI. I didn't do a hands on craft last week, so I wanted to try to find something fun for us to do this week. We made paper mâché brodie helmets. I envisioned myself reading our history books aloud while they made their helmets, but in reality, I ended up having to be hands on during the project and probably was the messiest out of everyone. I just played the week 15 songs on repeat as we made the helmet. It's easy supplies: cardboard, newspaper, flour, water, and a bowl. 

Resource:  CC Sandbox | Science Flash Cards for CC Weeks 13-24  |  Mystery Science
Activity: Indoor Sling Shot

We made indoor sling shots to learn about kinetic and potential energy. This was an easy craft! I used a paper towel roll and cut it in half. My two tips would be to tape the rubber band to the outside of the roll so it doesn't slide off and hit you in the hand (lesson learned). I would also add tape to the top of the smaller tube so objects won't fall inside. That way you can shoot any size item. These are fun! You can even set up obstacles and have the kids try to knock cups down. 

This PBS video and instructions were the easiest to follow, so I recommend watching that.

Another resource we are enjoying is Mystery Science. We are doing the free trial that continues until June. We watched some videos on energy through that website. 

Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page, Animals in Time activity book, LeapFrog Globe
Activity: VOM-Pray for the persecuted Christian in those countries

Geography was meaningful this week. I have this Voice of the Martyrs poster hung up in our kitchen. I got the poster in the mail from their free monthly newsletter they send out. I decided to hang it up in the kitchen to help me remember to pray for Christian brothers and sisters that are being persecuted in other parts of the world. 

Well, this week we learned about Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Cyprus. All those countries were highlighted as countries with hostile and extreme persecution. We prayed for the countries we were learning about and just had intentional moments this week discussing persecution. 

You can download the VOM app on your phone and they will tell you specific prayers you can be praying for those around the world. Very helpful! 


Tutor Boards:

I shared a picture of our community day, and several people wanted to know more about my friend, Kim's, tutor board. I thought I'd just share what she made because it's really neat! She purchased whiteboards from Lowe's and cut them down to size. Then she duct-taped the boards together. It's really nice because she can write on them with a dry erase marker each week. I believe the instructions to make this board are available on CC Connected.

Library Books:

Here are some books I enjoyed from the library for week 15:

The Metric System by David Adler
Iran by Kristine Spanier
Iraq by Nel Yomtov
Syria by Nel Yomtov
Your Passport to Turkey by Nancy Dickmann
World War I by Simon Adams