Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 24 Recap

Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 24 Recap


Here's a recap of what we learned for week 24  we did it!
This was our third year with CC and our best year yet! Here are a few reasons I think it was so great:

1. I know what the CC program entails now after 3 years of being in it.
2. I intentionally planned each of our weeks to find books, crafts, and videos to make it fun for these little years (my kids are 7 and under).
3. We built friendships in our CC community.
4. I had a rhythm for our homeschool and didn't try to cram all subjects into one day of learning. I split it up — Monday was geography focus, Tuesday was History, and Wednesday was Science. We did Math, Reading, and Language Arts every day. 
5. Stopped comparing my homeschool to others and did what was right for our unique family. 

Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol.2  |  CC Bible Songs

For week 24, we discussed some Old Testament prophecies that Jesus fulfilled. We loved using this study for Cycle 2 and are excited to start volume 3 for Cycle 3!

In case you missed the announcement, I am writing volume 3 for Foundations of the Bible that pairs with Cycle 3 optional Bible memory work. This resource will be available for pre-order in June. So, save the date, and let others know this resource is coming for the fall! It covers all 66 books of the Bible + a deeper dive of the gospels to Revelation. Read more details here. 


Resource: Story of the World Book 4 - Chapter 42
Activity: Coloring page from Scribblers page on CC Connected

We read a chapter from Story of the World vol. 4 to learn about the Apartheid in South Africa. We also read this picture book, which was informative about Nelson Mandela's life. It’s written by Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter.


Resource: Science Flash Cards for CC Weeks 13-24 
Activity: Science with Friends Cycle 2 

We used Science with Friends for 3 easy activities related to static electricity. The first experiment showed how static electricity will pick up pepper like a magnet. Pretty neat! We also tried to bend a stream of water using static electricity from a comb. Kids got a kick out of these easy experiments. I'll be grabbing their Cycle 3 bundle for next year. 


Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page, LeapFrog Globe
Activity: Crayola Coloring Pages
Recipe: Soetkoekies (Cut recipe in 1/2 or even 1/4)

We learned about Southern Africa this week, so we colored the flags for the countries from We also made traditional South African cookies called Soetkoekies. They're basically sugar cookies.

We also read this short chapter book in one day to relate to our geography. The story takes place in Botswana and is about a little girl who tries to help find a missing lion who is an actor for a film company.   


End of Year Gift Ideas: 

If you are looking for ideas for tutor or director gifts, then I hope you consider these cute book bags. The Homeschool Mama tote is extra-large and has a zip closure on top. The Raising Bible Readers tote is the perfect size to hold your foundations guide, large water bottle, snacks, and more. It also has a convenient front pocket for your phone, keys, lip gloss, etc. These are both available in my shop, as well as shirts, stickers, Bible accessories and more! 


Library Books:

We grabbed lots of books this week! Since we are memorizing all the presidents for this final week, I thought it'd be fun to read some picture books about the Presidents. Remember to check CC Connected Sandbox file for book recommendations, as well as the Cycle 2 booklist from Half a Hundred Acre Wood.

 The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip by Joanna Cole

The magic school bus and the electric field trip

So you want to be president? by Judith St George

So you want to be president?

Abe Lincoln goes to Washington, 1837-1865 by Cheryl Harness

Abe Lincoln goes to Washington, 1837-1865

Cool! Whoa! ah! and oh! what is an interjection? by Brian Cleary

Cool! whoa! ah! and oh! : what is an interjection?

The House that George Built by Suzanna Slade

The house that George built

The mystery of the missing lion by Alexander McCall

The mystery of the missing lion : a Precious Ramotswe mystery for young readers

The mystery of Meerkat Hill by Alexander McCall

The mystery of Meerkat Hill : a Precious Ramotswe mystery for young readers

Grandad Mandela by Zindzi Mandela

Grandad Mandela

South Africa by Kristine Spanier

South Africa

Wired by Anastasia Suen


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