Classical Conversations Cycle 2: Week 9 Recap

Resource: Foundations of the Bible vol.2 

This week we learned about King Rehoboam, the first king of the southern kingdom (Judah). It's an easier week, so we just read little bits each day and sang the songs. We also watched the videos provided in the lesson plans. My kids really enjoyed the cartoon Rehoboam and Jeroboam video helped their names stick. 

What is really exciting, is that my kids and I know the memory sentences to all 24 weeks of the Bible memory work! This is only because we play the Bible songs every morning on my iPhone. I really recommend downloading the songs on your computer and installing them on to your iTunes. It takes 5-10 minutes to set it up and will allow you to play the songs continuously from your phone. We listen to all 24 songs Every. Single. Morning. because I genuinely enjoy singing them! 


Resource: Science Flash Cards for CC Weeks 7-12
Activity: Parts of the sun craft
Videos: Layers of the sun (outer layers)  |  Layers of the sun (inner layers) 

Video note: It's hard to find science sources that don't mention the sun being formed billions of years ago from a big bang theory. Therefore, I just paused the video and took a moment to read Genesis 1 and asked the kids how the sun was made according to God's Word. 

The craft we made this week was from Pinterest because I wanted to visually understand each part of the sun we were learning about. The craft is from another CC mom with step-by-step instructions. The kids really enjoyed this, and my daughter ended up using it as her presentation in class this week. 

Resource: Story of the World Book 3 - Chapters 1,13, 14, and 17
Videos: The Palace of Versailles (3 min) |  Hygiene at Versailles (preview yourself first)

Hopefully you have Story of the World book 3 for this week because you will need that for the next few weeks. Then we jump into book 4 after that. I own all 4 books, so we were able to continue reading through this book series as our read aloud for history.

We were only able to read chapters 13 & 14 due to attention spans and time. We really enjoyed learning about Louis XIV. We dove deeper into Louis' story and learned about the palace of Versailles with the video link above. There was also a video that explained how filthy the palace was due to poor plumbing. My kids were so grossed out, yet so intrigued haha. The hygiene video is linked above, but if you have little kids you may want to fast forward the section on brothels (5 min mark). 


Resources: CC Sandbox Geography page, Animals in Time activity book, LeapFrog Globe

We are still dedicating Mondays to Geography, and it's been helpful to have a dedicated day. We used our LeapFrog globe to identify the Caribbean islands and watched a few videos about them. I had the intent of making a traditional Caribbean recipe for our baking day on Fridays but didn't get around to it. However, it would be a fun idea if you want to try that!

We also worked on map drawing this week. In the book, The Core, it shares tips on helping your kids learn how to draw a world map. We worked on lines of latitude last year, so this week we spent some time trying to draw the continents in the right locations in relation to the lines of latitude. I also needed to submit a geography sample for our charter, so this helped fulfill a standard. 


Organization Tip:

Each week I log on to CC Learning Forum and scroll through the Sandbox file. I write down the page numbers of worksheets that interest me now, or possibly in the future. I only print what I like and then I file it into this binder with 24 dividers. I am doing this as I go each week, so that the next time I go through this cycle I'll have worksheets already printed for each week. I also file the extra crafts and recipes I find so I can reference those for future years. Hoping it saves a little time in the years to come. 



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